Why You? 101 Interview Questions You’ll Never Fear Again: James Reed

Why You? 101 Interview Questions You’ll Never Fear Again: James Reed
Portfolio Penguin

Shortlisted for the Publishers Publicity Circle Non-Fiction Campaign of the Year 2015

Brief highlights:
Fastest selling new interview book of all time (in UK)
Got to number 16 in ALL book sales on amazon.co.uk in month of publication
Made #1 in three different Amazon categories

PRINT & Broadcast Media

Sunday Times, Economia, Press Association (syndicated review), Sun, Daily Mail,City A.M., Cosmopolitan, Management Today, Irish Times

Sunday Brunch/Channel 4, BBC Radio 2/Simon Mayo, CNBC, RTE, BBC Radio Surrey & Sussex, Yorkshire Post, Sunday Post

Daily Express, Working Mums, Daily Star, Bookbag, Scotcampus, GoThinkBig, Tyson Report

“The competitive nature of the ‘job interview’ books space and the fact that it has dominated by a couple of long time bestsellers makes the task of any new entrant difficult. As if that weren’t hard enough, in addition Jeff at Platypus PR had been tasked by the author James Reed with making his book #1 in three different Amazon categories. Using the traditional jobs application rush to our advantage (having done careful targeted outreach in the two months prior to publication), Jeff came up with a variety of different/creative pitches to secure a broad range of print, broadcast, online and social media coverage (both nationally & regionally). He also worked extremely well with the author and Portfolio Penguin. Sunday Brunch on Channel 4 was the stand out breakout interview he secured – this turbo charged the book on Amazon.co.uk to number 16 in ALL book sales. He boosted interest again with an interview on BBC Radio 2 with Simon Mayo. The wide circulation of a Press Association review was also significant regionally. The book has performed beyond expectations – it spent a lot of time in the Top 50 & Top 100 on Amazon, total sales are very good & climbing, foreign rights sales have been robust and Amazon customer reviews impressive. It is now considered by the ‘go to’ job interview book. Jeff has shown how creative thoughtful publicity can drive sales & attention, and can successfully launch a market entrant into an established business publishing space.”
Joel Rickett, Publisher at Viking & Portfolio at Penguin Random House